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Progress Business and Fleet

Every business is different and dependant on the individual circumstances we have a range of finance plans some of which are more suitable to business use compared to those used by a private individual customer.

So it's important to choose the right option for acquiring your car or fleet. Otherwise you could find it seriously affecting your bottom line.

Contract Hire Explained

ŠKODA Financial Services has produced a new animated video that gives a clear, engaging explanation of how its contract hire product works.

The video compliments the existing Solutions 'finance explained' film and features typical small business users in their working environments. A relaxed, informative commentary explains how the product works and the key features and benefits for customers.



This could be right for your business if you'd prefer to hire rather than own cars. It's simply an agreement where a rental is paid in return for the vehicle over one, two, three or four years. This means you don’t have the hassle of selling the car later on, or the worry about how much it'll be worth. It could be better still if your business is VAT-registered, as a proportion of the rentals may be tax-deductible (putting a smile on the face of anyone in charge of business finance). There may be other tax advantages too, as contact hire is looked upon as an operating lease for current tax purposes, unlike a 'purchase' contract.



Finance Lease

Finance lease is a hire agreement which is specifically designed for businesses and it could be especially good if you're VAT-registered.

You choose a hire agreement of between one and four years. When this ends, subject to meeting the terms of course, you can sell the vehicle on to a third party on ŠKODA Finance's behalf and you may get a rebate on the rentals.

Being a lease, this is looked upon as different to a 'purchase contract' and could be better for you tax-wise. You can claim a proportion of all rentals as a business expense against taxable profits, the size of which depends on the price of the car you lease. Ask your financial or tax advisor to see if it applies to your business.

Lease Purchase

This is a cost-effective way for your business to own the car. The agreement can last from one to four years and lets you hold back part of the cost of the vehicle until the end. Then you could own it outright.

Lease Purchase could be an even better option if your business isn't VAT-registered.

ŠKODA Range Contract Hire Offers

Example Rentals – Based on 36 months, 10,000 miles per annum.



3 + 35 PROFILE

6 + 35 PROFILE

Initial Rental
(Ex VAT)

Monthly Rental
(Ex VAT)

Initial Rental
(Ex VAT)

Monthly Rental
(Ex VAT)

Excess Mileage (Ex VAT)

Citigo SEL 5dr 1.0 MPi 60PS GreenTech 

£453.00 £151.00 £834.00 £139.00 3ppm

New Fabia SE Hatch 1.4TDI 90PS

£588.00 £196.00 £1,080.00 £180.00 4ppm

New Fabia SE Estate 1.4 TDi 90PS

£636.00 £212.00 £1,176.00 £196.00 4ppm

Rapid SE 1.6TDI CR 115PS

£612.00 £204.00 £1,128.00 £188.00 6ppm

Rapid Spaceback S 1.4 TDi CR 90PS

£612.00 £204.00 £1,128.00 £188.00 4ppm

Octavia Hatch 2.0TDI CR SE Tech 

£606.00 £202.00 £1,116.00 £186.00 7ppm

Octavia Hatch 2.0TDI CR VRS

£666.00 £222.00 £1,230.00 £205.00 7ppm

Octavia Estate 2.0 TDi CR SE Tech

£645.00 £215.00 £1,188.00 £198.00 7ppm

Octavia Estate 2.0TDi CR Scout 4x4

£747.00 £249.00 £1,374.00 £229.00 7ppm

New Superb Hatch SE Tech 2.0 TDi 150PS

£654.00 £218.00 £1,206.00 £201.00 7ppm

New Superb Estate SE Tech 2.0 TDi 150PS

£672.00 £224.00 £1.236.00 £206.00 7ppm

Yeti Outdoor SE Drive 2.0 TDi 110PS SCR

£567.00 £189.00 £1.044.00 £174.00  7ppm

Yeti Outdoor SEL Drive 2.0 TDi 110PS SCR 

£594.00 £198.00 £1,098.00 £183.00 7ppm

Kodiaq SE 5 seat 2.0 TDi 150PS 4x4

£927.00 £309.00 £1,704.00 £284.00 7ppm

Kodiaq SEL 2.0 TDi 150PS 4x4

£1,008.00 £336.00 £1,860.00 £310.00 7ppm

Kodiaq SE Tech 2.0 TDi 4x4

£957.00 £319.00     7ppm

Eligible Customers Business customers only. Not available to private individuals. Minimum Advance Rental 3 rentals in advance Contract Term 12 – 48 months Campaign Period: 4th April - 3rd July 2017, Final Quotation date: 3rd July 2017, Final Proposal/Acceptance date: 31 July 2017.

Introducing ŠKODA Driverline

What is Driverline?

From 1st January 2015 ŠKODA Driverline is being offered to Retail Contract Hire customers

The service is complimentary and gives access to new and existing products and services through one telephone number

The single number is aimed at drivers of the vehicle enabling them to arrange their motoring requirements via an efficient hassle free service adding value for ŠKODA business customers

ŠKODA Driverline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year


ŠKODA Driverline services

  1. Breakdown & recovery services
  2. Reporting accidents, damage or vandalism
  3. Service booking or maintenance enquiries
  4. Tyres
  5. Glass repair
  6. General enquiries


What our customers say:

"I was treated as a person rather than just a source of profit. I feel I must add a note to your letter "

Mr Weston

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