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Ticket holder

The smallest things are always the easiest to lose. Car park tickets for example. Luckily ŠKODA has the straightforward, practical, value for money solution. A Simply Clever ticket holder that clips neatly to the side of the windscreen within easy reach of the driver. Your tickets will remain safe and sound, in an obvious place, so you can reach for them when needed. They are also highly visible to anyone inspecting your ticket from outside the car.

Corner Light

The most important aspect of any family car is safety. And one of the cleverest things about the latest generation of ŠKODA vehicles is the special headlamp technology that automatically recognises when you are steering to the left or right and adjusts to light the direction ahead.

It can make a big difference on a dark night to seeing any unseen dangers or obstacles on the road. And as the steering returns to straight forward, so does your headlamp beam. It’s such a Simply Clever way to protect you and your family.​

Multimedia slot

ŠKODA is all about offering you more value for your money. And that even extends to the simply clever cup holder – which has its own multimedia slot.

One day your Cup-holder could be holding a delicious cappuccino, the next it could be a safe and handy haven to keep your mobile phone or MP3 player firmly in place for the journey. Either way it’s easy to reach down and take away the cup or device whenever you wish. Simply Clever.​

Ice Scraper

It’s cold, icy and slippery under foot. To make things worse, you can’t find the little scraper tool to scrape the car windows. Has it slipped under the driver’s seat again? Or is it in the boot?

Some people reach for their credit card to clear the windows, but not if you drive one of the latest cars from ŠKODA. The ice scraper is right where you can find it easily – behind the little door that covers the fuel tank cover. Outside the vehicle ready to get rid of the ice before you embark on your journey. Just Simply Clever.

Emergency Vest Holder

You know that part of an aircraft safety drill when they talk about the life vest under your seat? At ŠKODA we now provide you with the on-road equivalent that is Simply Clever. It might not inflate, but its reflective surface could be a life saver at night.

It is stowed safely under the driver’s seat in its own holder, making it so quick and easy to get to. If you have a puncture at night, or even during the day, just reach down and put it on.

Double sided boot liner

A modern family car needs to be ready for anything. A sophisticated dinner party or a trip to the countryside. In a ŠKODA, your boot space can remain smart and clean however muddy your boots. That’s because the boot mat is cleverly double sided. Uppermost is smart textile carpeting, underneath is resilient rubber. And when you come back to your vehicle after a long walk through the mountains, you simply switch one side to the other. Clever, isn’t it?​

MDI with USB and AUX-in

ŠKODA takes infotainment on the move to a completely new level, without it costing a fortune. We believe the sophisticated technology should be easy to use, accessible for all the family, and in touch with what you really want.

We work hard to give you the best value for money possible. And that includes the freedom to plug in the device you want, when you want. So our simply clever in car systems will connect you with your MP3 player or iPod via USB and auxiliary ports as well as Bluetooth.

Rubbish bins in the door panels

Here’s another little human touch that sets ŠKODA apart when it comes to value for money, and something you’ll really value if you have children – because kids are world experts at building up little piles of rubbish on a journey. Apple cores, sweet wrappings and paper tissues – where do you put them all?

ŠKODA offers a Simply Clever and highly useful solution. A little rubbish bin. It clips onto the storage well of the passenger door and is easy to slide out whenever you wish to empty the bag.

Misfuelling prevention

If you’ve ever absent-mindedly used the petrol rather than diesel pump, or the other way round, you’re in good company. Because every year motorists right across Europe make the same error. Now ŠKODA drivers will never need worry about making the same mistake.

We’ve designed the car’s fuel tank access port so it only fits the appropriate pump nozzle. Try pumping petrol into a diesel ŠKODA and you won’t be able to. Simply Clever, isn’t it? It’s just one more sensible, everyday reason you know you’ve made the right choice when you select ŠKODA.

Foldable passenger front seat

If a modern family car is to offer true value for money it must be truly versatile. The ŠKODA Octavia is definitely that.

Take those occasions when you’re transporting something long and thin, such as a ladder. Obviously, you need to fold forward the front passenger seat as well as the rear ones. In many cars today that’s simply not an option. For ŠKODA drivers it’s all simple and straightforward. Just, Simply Clever. Down goes the seat with one flick of the lever. Up it pops again when you’ve finished transporting the load. ​

Bag Hooks

You spend all morning shopping, finding exactly the things you are looking for. But how do you keep your new purchases safe for the journey home? How do you make sure they stay upright and un-crumpled in their bags? Just open the boot of your new ŠKODA Octavia, hang them on the bag hooks and everything’s taken care of. Trust ŠKODA to solve everyday challenges in a simple, clever and straightforward way.​

Boot Net

You can’t play a game of soccer without a ball. You can’t go to the beach without a mat to lie on. But you don’t want all that clutter sitting on the back seats of the car or rolling round the boot. And you don’t want cargo spreading mud or beach sand throughout your lovely car interior. ŠKODA has the Simply Clever solution with elastic netting to store everything tidily away. Strong enough to hold items in place, flexible enough for a child to use.​

1.5l PET Bottle Holder

At ŠKODA we effortlessly create cars with a human touch that make every journey more of a pleasure. We understand that the road seems much longer if everyone is feeling dry and thirsty. That’s why there’s a special space in the front door panel to store a full 1.5 litre bottle of water. It will sit there safely without getting squashed, ready for when you need it. Smart and understated, out of the sun, this value for money feature is another example of our Simply Clever thinking.​

0.5 litre PET Bottle Holder

As well as a large space to store a water bottle in the front door, there’s further capacity in the rear left door too. Not quite so big as the one in the front, because rear passengers often have smaller hands, but perfectly designed to hold the bottle securely while not in use.​

Boot Shelf (vertical position)

These days space is more important to car drivers than ever before. But the space and storage you actually need can vary according to the occasion.  Sometimes you need a shelf in the boot to transport something small and delicate, other times you are looking for a great big empty space to take the family suitcases.

The new ŠKODA Octavia gives you the best of both worlds with a boot shelf that quickly and neatly stores away when you don’t need it. And then returns to horizontal the moment you need it again It’s Simply Clever.